COCKOO is a jewelry collection based in Lithuania, Paris and Bali, created by Solveiga Vasiliauskaite. Inspired by the wonder of nature, travels, fairy tales, people, stories and places, COCKOO mixes simplicity with organic forms and values the handware process — that is why every piece is created by hand.
COCKOO pieces are designed to be worn day and night, with focus on comfort, material and interaction with the body. COCKOO loves pure and clean lines as much as experimentation, and is thus open for collaboration.
Solveiga has worked in many creative mediums throughout her life. She is a ceramic, glass and jewelry artist, dancer, yogi, traveler. She hopes to inspire people who chose to wear her creations and believes that “less is more”.
COCKOO offers a stunning original jewelry range for the people of our times. That is why COCKOO pieces can be we worn much longer than one season.
COCKOO was founded in Kaunas, 2002.
COCKOO is always traveling.
COCKOO is ceramic , brass, glass, gemstones, wood, silver, fabric.

At first glance, some of the pieces may seem like lacking completeness. But Solveiga’s designs grow out of something organic, structured, sensual and minimal. Each piece is made with love, care and special attention to detail.
Other pieces might look simple, but speak volumes.